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The need to deliver inclusive, accessible digital products and services is a moral and commercial imperative. We recognise we can all do more, so we are calling on the UK’s digital and technology sectors to commit to improving inclusion and accessibility in the industry.

Pledge your support and tell us what you are doing to make digital better for the widest possible audience. We will share your pledge, resources, events and projects for others to learn from.

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"Most designers and developers believe building products with accessibility in mind is building for the *minority,* my goal is to dismiss that thought and educate on how accessibility can benefit all and in turn make online more inclusive."

Molly Watt - Keynote speaker, usability and accessibility consultant

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Living with an impairment or disability of any kind should not exclude people from accessing the same online and digital services as everyone else, especially as the principle of technology and digital is to provide open access.

We can all try harder, share our work and learn from others.

Usability testing at Sigma

Our open call: Be inclusive, be representative and be good at what you do

There are 11 million disabled people in the UK, the equivalent of almost 1 in 5 people

Our Camp Digital accessibility workshop with Molly Watt

There are currently more than 11 million disabled people in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, representing about 19% of the population, and this number is only likely to increase.

There is a misconception that creating accessible websites will only cater for a small minority of the population and involve changes and additions that can increase the time and costs of projects.

This is simply not the case. By starting this charter, we will shine a light on the great work of people committed to inclusive design, showing practical examples of their work in web accessibility and the positive impact it has on people.

We are happy to feature the work you are doing to make digital products and services better. Pledge your support and get in touch if you would like to share yours, either as an individual, a team, or a brand.

#SigmaLabs Project Vision:
an inclusive design tool to help understand the needs of those with vision impairment.
An immersive experience for designers and engineers to experience the perspective of the 246 million people who suffer from visual impairments Find out more about Project Vision

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