Kate Greenstock

Experience Director at Prospect (Design)

Kate has over 10 years of experience working in industry; in that time, she has grown and adapted alongside the fast moving world of digital, and in recent years embraced a broader service design approach. Her career has straddled visual and experience design, and the huge crossover therein.

So You Think You're Rubbish?

It started at the New Designers Graduate event, no-one talked to me, everyone was better than me, and it seemed like I was destined to fail *sob*. I cried on the floor of my bedroom at Mum and Dad’s place (now the guest room). But low and behold, at the 11th hour, someone approached me, then shock horror, that someone offered me a job. And now here I sit, 10 years later, leading a seriously talented design team and consulting with some super serious C-suite bods. So, I’d like to talk about what skills I reckon have got me into the role I have today, and reassure people that self doubt can be used to propel your career instead of hold you back.