Why SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft's popular community, content and document management platform, used by many of the world's most recognisable brands and most successful organisations. SharePoint enables easy web publishing, document management, enterprise search, collaboration workspaces, shared business processes, information sharing and much more. It can be used for smaller applications such as project or team workspaces, or used for managing large enterprise web platforms such as intranets and extranets. SharePoint is a web-based platform allowing users to connect to the system where ever they are. 

SharePoint is a powerful, scalable platform for:

  • Corporate intranets with custom interfaces
  • Project or team workspaces
  • Employee portals and social community platforms
  • Document management systems
  • Quality management systems

Our SharePoint experience

Sigma has vast experience with SharePoint both in the UK, where we've worked extensively with pharmaceutical giants AstraZeneca on multiple SharePoint projects, and in Sweden where we have a dedicated business unit called Sigma Worklife who specialise in SharePoint solutions and have over 200,000 hours of dedicated SharePoint project experience. 

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner and we deliver SharePoint projects using certified developers and our own SharePoint project methodology incorporating Lean and Agile techniques. 

We're also active contributors to the SharePoint community and publish a regular blog on trends and developments in the world of SharePoint. 



Core is our packaged digital workplace solution for SharePoint and Office 365, which is easy to use and makes work more efficient.

Implementing Core instead of developing an intranet from scratch means that you don’t start off a blank page. With Core, you can put more focus on the information architecture, content publishing and preparing the digital workplace for your organization, focusing on helping the end users in their day-to-day work.


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End users are our heroes

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Support & maintenance with BoolCare

Core sits perfectly within the Office 365 environment and is the most natural landing page for when the working day begins.

The need for a digital workplace is becoming more and more important, as employees are working from different locations and log in from different devices. Keeping up to date on what is happening, collaborating with colleagues, reading emails, updating your calendar etc. are tasks that should be easy and efficient. We have used this perspective within Office 365, which means the end user always has access to all digital tools within the workplace.

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Core is built on a modular architecture; it customises and builds components on top of SharePoint. It doesn’t change anything in SharePoint itself, but instead, utilizes the power of SharePoint. This architecture enables problem-free updates and a solid product overall. We put our base layer on top of SharePoint. We then add the modules on top of the base layer. Lastly, we consider and add the most important layer from a user's perspective: the design and user experience.

Buy as a product

You pay a one-time cost for the Core license and implementation. Support and maintenance can then be added to the license fee. You own the code when you buy Core as a product and can do further development and maintenance yourself.

Buy as a service

You pay a monthly fee for Core. We take care of support and maintenance of the solution, including updates and improvement of the platform. In addition to this, our support service “Care” is included for support, training or custom development of the digital workplace.


If you're thinking about using SharePoint or you'd like to know more please contact Simon Wissink on 01625 410982 or at