Why Vergic?

Vergic Engage is a market-leading platform powering personalised, real-time, online customer engagements. 

The Vergic Engage Platform enables customer service teams, call centres and business intelligence teams to respond to customer requests immediately in the most appropriate way, whether that is through co-browsing or helping them to complete a form, sharing documents, or using video chat. 

Vergic operates on a flexible, affordable monthly cost-per-head basis and there are a wide range of modules so you can scale up or down the capability you need. Vergic customers experience fantastic returns - typically: 

  • 50% reduction in the average cost of their service requests
  • 30% increase in average order value
  • 90% of issues are resolved in the first contact
  • 500% reduction in abandoned online processes

Key features

The key features of the Vergic Engage Platform are:

  • Text, voice and video chat: Integrated, pop out and pop-up chat
  • Phone2Web: Instant link of a phone call to a web session to combine the phone call with visual guidance and co-browsing on your website
  • Booked meetings: Instant and pre-booked meetings with two or more participants
  • Visual guidance: Plug in free co-browsing. The agent can follow the visitor's session and provide guidance by simply clicking in the web page
  • Run multiple simultaneous co-browsing sessions
  • Process collaboration: Collaborate and assist visitors in web processes, read forms and highlight errors without re-loading or submitting the form
  • Share documents: Share PDFs, co-complete forms and documents, drag & drop external content, videos and documents into a co-browse session instantly
  • Canned responses: Define, use and send pre-defined standard chat texts
  • Cross-device support: Chat, co-browse, or meet using any mobile or tablet device. The solution will automatically adapt to the visitor's device
  • Behavioural insights: Real time analytics for optimal efficiency

If you're thinking about using Vergic or you'd like to know more please contact Simon Wissink on 01625 410982 or at