Design  for  Delight 

Transforming your designs from good to great

A pre-conference workshop with Dana Chisnell & Jared Spool
Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 09:00 - 17:30, 11th June

A good design is usable, useful, and effective. A great design delights its users. Explore a framework that brings your users and customers pleasure, flow, and meaning through your work.

Inspire your organization to go beyond shiny features, with products and services that deliver remarkable delight. Infuse your practices with design principles that focus on the value your team can deliver with a long-term perspective.

Great designs bring customers pleasure, flow, and meaning through the experiences you deliver. 

Jared and Dana’s years of research into what makes great designs has uncovered the secrets of delightful products and services.

Deliver The Most Delightful Experiences To Your Users

Roll up your sleeves. We’ll take a real design project that has all the potential of being boring, and turn it into something delightful, practicing all the techniques.

Focus your design efforts on the big customer problems.

Move away from the shiny new features that only make your product or service more complex. Create products and services which change people’s lives.

Rally support for delivering best-of-class products.

Corporate mission statements are too vague and buzzword ridden to design to. Put your customers in the center of your organization’s long-term product strategy by broadening your research approach.

Guide smart decisions backed by solid data.

Come to a shared understanding of what makes long-lasting delight, informed by solid user research. Integrate a rich storytelling approach to communicating a solid vision across the organization.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Move beyond the feature arms race to lead the competition

  • Hone your team’s user research efforts to uncover delighters

  • Create design principles that drive the entire team to think about delight

  • Identify opportunities where your design can exceed user expectations

  • Eliminate wasted “tool time” to delight with an optimized user  experience

  • Understand where your design can touch users’ lives in a meaningful way 


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