Hanna  Karppi 

Hanna drives the Sigma business unit specializing in digital worklife solutions, which combines both technical and human aspects. Hanna has over 10 years of experience of digital workplace projects, change management and digital communications both in Nordic and Global organizations.

Before Sigma, Hanna worked as Head of Digital Workplace for Skanska Group and led the implementation of digital workplace tools for over 40,000 office and manual workers around the world.

Hanna is an enthusiastic networker and frequent conference speaker. She has also been a jury member for several global and European digital workplace and intranet awards.

A human-centred future of work

Hanna will deliver this talk in partnership with Sharon O'Dea.

The world of work is becoming more complex. We’re working remotely and flexibly. We’re becoming older, more diverse and more distributed.

The companies we work for are changing too, with the growth of platform and gig working and waves of on- and off-shoring. And that’s before robots take our jobs.

In this talk we’ll look at how digital workplace tools, platforms and practices can help - or hinder - in this new world of work.

How can we embrace technology to make work simple, more productive… and more human?

This talk is for anyone who uses digital tools to work, collaborate or manage teams. So pretty much everyone, really.