Kate  Rutter 

Kate is a designer, design educator and entrepreneur. With 20 years building digital products, she helps teams bring customer empathy and collaborative design practices to their work.

Kate is a professor of interaction design at California College of the Arts and co-hosts the NSFW podcast What Is Wrong With UX with Laura Klein.

Kate believes in the power of communicating in pictures, that sharpie pens smell like ideas, and that collaborative and optimistic people have the power to change the world...so long as they have a pack of sticky notes.

Finding the Narrative in Numbers: Making the Most of Metrics

As UX designers, we are storytellers who blend words and pictures into compelling experiences. And yet, our current methods don't answer the big question: "does our product work for our users?"

By adding metrics to our design toolkit, we are better equipped to measure interactions that are core to the product.

And this means that the impact of our work becomes quantifiable and influential. Business leaders know the power of quantitative data, and designers can leverage that power too.

When relevant metrics are used to inform and support design decisions, the results can be both strategic and persuasive.

In this session, Kate will explore how metrics are used to shape and influence our work. She’ll discuss the power of storytelling and narrative in design, what makes an awesome metric, how to avoid “vanity” metrics, and how to identify and design for measures of behavioural actions that are relevant to your work.