Trilly  Chatterjee 

Trilly Chatterjee is a Practice Lead for Product at NHS Digital, where he supports the growing professional community of product managers across public health.

Before this, he co-led a cross-departmental team from DWP & HMRC to conceive and deliver the award-winning Check Your State Pension digital service, and researched and wrote HMRC's digital strategy.

He helps teams understand their goals, think collectively and organise effectively to create services that truly meet the needs of users.

As a recovering physicist and student of technological design, Trilly is fascinated by the fundamental principles of successful service design - and the human, organisational and systemic dynamics that can prevent it.

He is passionate about open, collaborative problem solving and multidisciplinary culture. He likes to bring clarity of purpose to people wherever it is valuable - and to help others do the same.

Trilly is also currently developing Adaptive State, the podcast that asks: "what does 'government' mean in the 21st century?" - due to launch in 2020.

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