Sander  Hoogendoorn 

Principal Technology & Agile Officer at Capgemini

Sander Hoogendoorn is continuously involved in the innovation of software development processes, techniques, architectures, patterns, frameworks and technologies, both at Capgemini and its many international clients.

Sander has coached many organizations and projects, has written books on UML and agile and published over 200 articles in international magazines. Sander is a member of Microsoft's Partner Advisory Council for .NET and several other editorial and advisory boards, and he is the chief architect of Capgemini's agile software development platform Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP).

Death by Dogma vs Assembling Agile

Presented at Camp Digital 2012.

Sander demonstrates how to assemble an agile approach that is specifically suitable for YOUR project, of course with many examples from real-life agile implementations.