Steven  Cassin 

Previously Partner Sales Manager at EpiServer

Steven has worked for some of the best digital agencies in Ireland and has helped shape online communications and digital marketing strategy for some of Ireland's leading brands and organisations such as Dublin Bus, Northern Ireland Assembly and Tourism Ireland over the years. He has a strong track record in client engagement and supported EPiServer's key UK and Irish partners in business development.

Harnessing the power of social user experience

Presented at Camp Digital 2012.

As social media marketing becomes mainstream, you need a new competitive advantage to stand out. Steven shows how you can improve user experience on social media.

An increasing number of companies and brands are using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with customers online. But as these channels mature, it's no longer enough just to have a brand page, collecting 'likes' and 'followers'.

Savvy customers now expect companies to engage with them on their terms and treat them as individuals. It's therefore important to optimise the social media user journey in order to turn 'followers' into paid customers. Steven takes a step beyond the basics of social media marketing and demonstrated how to use personalisation on Facebook to improve the relevance of your message on social media.