Christopher  Bush 

Head of Experience Design at Sigma

Chris has over 10 years' experience in interaction design, usability and accessibility and helps to design interfaces and systems that offer the best possible experience for end users.

With a background in web and mobile design, standards compliant HTML and CSS, Chris ensures we produce creative, intuitive and accessible designs for websites, portals and other online information systems. Chris is a Certified Usability Analyst and his clients include National Geographic, BBC Canada, InterContinental Hotels Group, Citizens Advice and University of Brighton.

Applying 'Persuasion, Emotion and Trust' (PET) design theory in the real world

Presented at Camp Digital 2013.

Usability is great but in an age where alternative options are only a click away is it enough?

From the outside, you may have designed a shop window to display your products or services in the best possible light but what makes people take that critical step and commit to a purchase?

Chris will cover the principles of Persuasion Design, or “Persuasion, Emotion and Trust” as Human Factors International defines PET Theory. He presents some real-world examples of how companies are getting it right, and wrong in eCommerce.