Jamie  Clouting 

Previously Business Analyst & User Experience Consultant at Sigma.

Jamie's passionate about good quality software and works alongside users and developers to capture requirements, research user behaviour and ensure the right solutions get implemented.

His work involves everything from user interviews and card sorting, to producing wireframes, interactive prototypes and full system specifications.

Jamie is an active member of the International Institute of Business Analysis and his clients include the BBC, ITV, The University of Brighton and InterContinental Hotels Group.

Bringing projects to life through Rapid Prototyping

Presented at Camp Digital 2013.

Design and build projects are often difficult to kick-off, especially when you're struggling to convey your ideas and understand the solutions being suggested. This can lead to delays, confusion and potential rework.

Sound familiar?

Rapid prototyping provides a quick and visual solution to identifying, documenting and validating project requirements in an interactive way.

In this Camp Digital 2013 session, Jamie takes you through examples of rapid prototypes and show you how this approach can bring your projects to life and reduce development time, costs and help to maintain your relationship with your clients.