Justin  Darley 

Research Lead at Sigma

Justin's background is in writing, information design and training delivery. He has advised and provided training on the implementation of innovative content, authoring programmes and information management solutions to corporations and public sector organisations. He has also taught Information Design modules at Coventry University. 

The latest user testing techniques for all budgets

Presented at Camp Digital 2013.

We are often asked to outline the benefits of certain user research, engagement and testing techniques, not only from a project cost and schedule perspective but also because some people feel too much user involvement can derail plans, change specifications and lead to competing views or negative feedback.

In an update to his 2012 talk, Justin will look at simple, cost-effective and enjoyable techniques used to engage users. He will show examples of tools and techniques Sigma has employed for our most recent projects ranging in size, complexity and budget and present new insights particularly with regard to analysing your findings.

New in this year's talk: Treejack IA testing and tips for analysis Analysing card sorts using Excel Using text expander software to capture user testing sessions The key take-aways from this talk are: User engagement does not have to be time-consuming and expensive There are affordable tools out there to help You don't know your users as well as you think you do It's a hard road back if you get it wrong