Katy  Ryan 

Global Category Director at the Irish Dairy Board

Katy Ryan works at the Irish Dairy Board and is a director of its UK subsidiary Adams Foods, one of the largest dairy packing facilities in Europe. She has worked in the Grocery industry for 20 years in retail, food manufacturing and consultancy. She has loved and looked after some of the UK's most recognized food & drink brands.

Converging research techniques for user and customer experience

Presented at Camp Digital 2013.

Katy is an expert in category management, a practice used widely in the world of fast moving consumer goods and credited with playing a pivotal role in the success of the multiple grocers.

Put simply, it is the science of supermarket shopping.

Insights uncovered in the grocery aisles are used to improve the shopping experience and should, in turn, drive sales & profit for the retailer and the food manufacturer.

Katy firmly believes that category management is a force for good in the world and contributes directly to improving the nation's enjoyment and experience of food. Katy will be exploring the parallels between customer and user experience and will discuss how insight gained from their category management work has helped Adams Foods to develop innovative online self-help solutions for their partners.