Steph  Troeth 

User Experience Strategist

Stephanie loves to mature ideas and make things real. She has worn many hats, including a product lead for a start-up in digital publishing and a studio director at a digital agency.

She is also known for her grassroots contributions to best web practices through the Web Standards Project and the W3C. Well-travelled and living on her fourth island, she speaks several flavours of English, a few languages, and possesses an indecipherable accent.

Brand and Other Dirty Words

Presented at Camp Digital 2013.

We all know there are a bunch of things that we ought to do towards designing good experiences - our ideal process typically includes heavy emphasis on user research and user-centred design.

However, we could know everything about our users yet still miss the mark when it comes to getting them engaged with our products and services.

Is persuasion enough, or is there more? Steph shares an approach towards developing and maturing your brand voice in the context of user experience design.