Christopher  Bush 

Head of Experience Design at Sigma

Chris has over 10 years' experience in interaction design, usability and accessibility. Chris helps our customers to design interfaces and systems that offer the best possible experience for end users.

With a background in web and mobile design, standards compliant with HTML and CSS, Chris ensures we produce creative, intuitive and accessible designs for websites, portals and other online information systems.

Chris is a Certified Usability Analyst and his clients include National Geographic, BBC Canada, InterContinental Hotels Group, Citizens Advice and University of Brighton.

Responsive & Mobile accessibility

Presented in collaboration with Rebecca Topps (@beckytopps) at Camp Digital 2014.

The number of users who are turning to their tablets and phones to browse information, shop for products and to watch videos is on the rise. At the same time, individuals with cognitive disabilities represent the largest single disability group worldwide.

However, designing for this disability group is one of the most overlooked areas within the design and accessibility fields. As developers, how do we provide adaptable services across a range of devices which are fully inclusive and accessible while maintaining an excellent user experience?

Chris and Rebecca will discuss the various conditions under the heading of cognitive disabilities and the design principles that we can use to cater for a wide range of abilities.

They will walk you through from some the most important accessibility points you should consider when planning a new multi-device project and show you how to capitalise on each device's strengths to keep your users satisfied.