David  Kreps 

Senior lecturer at University of Salford

Dr David Kreps is the former Director of Information Systems, Organisations and Society Research Centre (ISOS), and an 'early adopter', pioneering thinker and commentator, with a fascination for technology and its impact upon society.

David has been involved in Web Accessibility since giving one-day courses at Manchester University in 2000 prior to the roll out of the 2001 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act. He has published widely on the subject and undertaken EU funded research in the area.

He is Chair of the International Federation of Information Processors (IFIP) Working Group on Virtuality and Society.

Attending to the Human Parts of Information Systems

Presented at Camp Digital 2014.

For the computer scientist, the user is the rather tiresome and frequently inept box of unintelligibility that remains, throughout the development cycle, external to the process. By contrast, for those in information systems, the user is a human being, and an integral part of the system from the word go.