Justin  Darley 

Research Lead at Sigma

Justin's background is in writing, information design and training delivery. He has advised and provided training on the implementation of innovative content authoring programmes and information management solutions to corporations and public sector organisations. He has also taught Information Design modules at Coventry University. When not at work, Justin will usually be found watching back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory. 

Sweeping Out the Cobwebs: Content Auditing for Large Websites

Presented at Camp Digital 2014.

Large websites tend, over time, to develop gluts of out of date content and dark unvisited corners. Thanks to devolved publishing, whole sections of a site can spring up without proper planning or coordination, only to be left in place long after they have served their purpose. Using spidering technology, Justin will demonstrate techniques to get a grasp of the size and shape of your site and to begin the process of decluttering.