Kimberley  Bottomley 

User Experience Manager at Aviva

Kimberley Bottomley has been in the UX Design field for 8 years-ish. Having worked in financial services for most of that time, she’s fighting the good fight for creativity and innovation – especially the importance of this in corporate environments. As Aviva's Lead UX, she organised the company’s first innovation event – rated by those involved as ‘their best day at work ever’.

The power of creativity and innovation

Presented at Camp Digital 2014.

"If I hear one more 'we need to be more like Google' I might scream!" Typically, this means people want more creativity and innovation. How can creative thinking help people manage change and uncertainty? Championing the need for creativity – even in the most unlikely of places – this talk gives insight into the power that can be found in looking at things just a little bit differently.