Mike  Dixon 

Assistant Chief Executive at Citizens Advice

Mike leads on policy research and campaigns, news, strategy, data, digital, communications and fundraising.

He has previously worked in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, as Special Adviser to the Secretary of State in two Whitehall departments, and in senior roles in the charity and private sectors.

Realising an agile, user-centred digital strategy for Citizens Advice

Presented at Camp Digital 2014.

Mike will talk about how one large charity, Citizens Advice, is learning to embrace a new, agile approach to digital services as part of a wider evolution in how it designs services, manages projects and thinks about users.

He will cover both the successes and practical lessons that Citizens Advice has learned through this change, and the potential it has to transform the experiences of more than 1.6m face to face and 3m telephone users of its services.