Simon  Wegerif 

Director at Ithlete

Hello, my name is Simon Wegerif, I’m a biomedical engineer and inventor who lives with my family in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, UK.

My professional background is in signal processing, having been a pioneer of digital broadcasting at the BBC in London and Philips Electronics in the UK and Silicon Valley, where I managed a number of technology startup activities.

Recreationally, I have been a keen, but not very talented endurance athlete most of my adult life, firstly in rowing, then running, triathlon and nowadays I am a competitive cyclist.

Athlete health tracking - from laboratory measure to popular app

Presented at Camp Digital 2014.

Since the 1980s, elite athletes have used a clinical measure called heart rate variability (HRV) to help assess their fatigue, recovery and readiness to compete, but up until 4 years ago, no user-friendly, affordable version was available to recreational athletes and sportspeople.

This presentation will cover the stages of bringing HRV out of the lab and onto the smartphone, including making the measurement itself simple and convenient, and the evolution of a user interface that helps users decide when they should train for best effect but also discover lifestyle factors that have a major influence on their performance and overall health.