Ben  Holliday 

Head of UX at Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Ben is Head of User Experience Design at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). He was previously User Experience designer at FreeAgent and spent a year working with the Government Digital Service before joining DWP.

He has also worked extensively with not-for-profit, charity and arts organisations in the UK including the National Theatre. Ben is especially interested in using well-designed research as part of agile design and delivery – using data and hypotheses to drive improvements to products and services.

Why design matters? How a design-led process delivers better digital services

Presented at Camp Digital 2015.

Design matters more than ever. It's the difference between delivering services that meet user needs, and just delivering 'digital’. It’s the process we use to understand the problem and find our way to solutions.

Design helps us deliver services that work well for the people that use them. This means meeting their needs, or simply helping them to get on with their lives.

Product teams are faced with difficult decisions every day. We need to take intuitive leaps of faith when designing solutions. A design-led process puts user research at the front and centre of agile delivery.

We still rely on our experience and judgement knowing that we won’t be right all the time, but we’re never just guessing. Ben will talk about how to make informed design decisions and use hypothesis-driven design changes that can help us take bigger and better steps towards meeting user needs.