Colman  Walsh 

Independent UX consultant and owner of

Lean UX: Five lessons from the Prussian army

Presented at Camp Digital 2015.

Lean UX is the epitome of modernism. A transformative movement within a transformative movement at the vanguard of transformative new technologies.

The central tenets of Lean UX bear an uncanny resemblance to those of Auftragstaktik, a modernist philosophy from the 19th Century that transformed the conservative Prussian Army into what would become the Germany Army, arguably the greatest fighting force of them all.

This talk takes a tour through the key concepts and ideas behind Auftragstaktik, and the impact they had in the field of battle. And it outlines five lessons that practitioners of Lean UX can learn from its predecessor, such as avoiding long-term plans, exploiting chaos and leading from the front.