Daryl  Walker-Smith 

Senior UX Designer at IBM

Daryl is currently a Senior UX Designer at IBM in York working on Cognos TM1 enterprise planning software and has spent a large proportion of the last 7 months helping to envision new and experimental products for IBM.

Prior to IBM Daryl spent the last 14 years in digital design roles for a wide variety of companies including the BBC, Ebuyer and Continuum Group (where he designed touchscreen interactives for museums long before the touchscreen became ubiquitous).

When not playing with Post-its™, Daryl is an avid photographer, comic reader, movie watcher and espresso drinker. You’ll very easily find him lurking on Twitter, Instagram and any number of social networks. Daryl also occasionally blogs on www.postmodem.co.uk.

Framing releases around user centred market outcomes

Presented at Camp Digital 2015 in collaboration with Richard Halford, Senior UX Designer at IBM.

How do you stay focused on delivering products or services that meet your users needs with hundreds of different feature requests across multiple releases?

Hills are one of the key tools we use at IBM to address these problems. Enabling us to focus on market outcomes rather than the traditionally open-ended feature lists, Hills are the foundation of the IBM Design Thinking methodology.

Hills help to express the aspirational end state for your users, motivated by market understanding, they define the mission and scope significant outcomes for your products and serve to focus both design and development work. In this talk, Richard and Daryl from IBM’s York Lab, will introduce you to IBM Design Thinking, walk you through the process of creating Hills and finally collaboratively create a set of Hills with you.