Imran  Younis 

Global Head of UX at

Imran Younis is an award winning User Experience Designer and international speaker. His career spans over 14 years, producing great user experience strategies for world-class brands and fortune 500 companies.

He has helped teams build great products, based on understanding their users in public, private and startup companies.

Lean UX and making sure that everyone in your team is on the same page

Presented at Camp Digital 2015.

The Lean movement has got a lot of traction and popularity over the past few years. Imran talks about implementing Lean UX, the scientific approach to customer development.

This new paradigm stems from the Lean Startup concept, eliminate uncertainty, solve problems quickly and remove waste. Many want to embrace lean methodologies into their linear and stagnant organisation.

We do this by fail (fast) and experiment, these are the contributors to innovation. It's time to be lean and build a startup 'like' culture into your organisation. Imran encourages you to rethink how we are delivering value. We ultimately want to create products that people actually want and use.