Matt  Lindop 

Head of CX at Premier Inn

Matt Lindop is Head of Customer Experience at Premier Inn. Matt’s passion is helping to align brands and technologies with customer need to create digital products that are truly effective.

From outside in(n): the impact of digital maturity on us natives

Presented at Camp Digital 2015.

Not so long ago digital and technology were areas that could either be managed by one small group of individuals or even outsourced completely. These days most

These days most organisations have recognised that digital is integral to what they do. So what does this mean for the digital practitioner? 

After 15 years spent as an ‘outy’ (consultant), I joined Whitbread in 2013 to lead a programme to bring digital skills to this 250-year old company. Over the past couple of years I’ve gained a fresh perspective of the role of agencies, and of the relative challenges and benefits of in-house teams.

In this talk, I’ll look at how digital maturity within organisations impacts on us as ‘digital natives’, and what the future might look like for both ‘Innies’ and ‘Outies’.