Nick  Wiles 

Head of UX at Atom Bank


  • Designing UI since 1994 – Anyone Remember Mosaic
  • Both Sides of the Fence – Agencies and Client Side, Contract and Permanent
  • Across the board – Retail, Banking, Entertainment, Leisure, B2B, B2C


  • Responsible for Atom UX
  • Operating in Unknown Territories
  • Excited as hell!


  • Sketching – Walls, Paper, Postits, Napkins, Tablecloths, Refreshing!
  • Mindmapper and solution finder
  • Driven – Understanding Users and Customers, Simple Things, Commonsense
  • Learning every minute of everyday.

Splitting the Atom

Presented at Camp Digital 2015 in collaboration with Stewart Bromley, Director of People & CX at Atom Bank.

Established in the future.