Warren  Fauvel 

Founder of Nudjed

Warren is an international award-winning creative director and set up his first business aged just 22.

His work has won several significant awards including the World Intellectual Property Office- Best Patent in the World (2010) and SXSW Accelerator Bootstrap Award (2011) as well as innovation prizes in Geneva and Kuwait.

He has also worked with clients like Google and Virgin Media, developing marketing campaigns for AdWords and GoogleApps and Virgins youth entrepreneurship brand Pioneers.

Warren is a keen advocate of the Lean Startup movement and Agile processes. Warren is currently CEO of Nudjed - a startup that combines scientific knowledge and technology to measure and improve the health of office-workers. Whilst developing Nudjed, Warren has ‘hacked', bootstrapped and iterated through a range of processes, taking Nudjed from a standing start to raising £175k seed round.

Applying Lean Startup and Agile UX Processes in Health Tech - Mistakes and Learning

Presented at Camp Digital 2015.

Over the course of the last 24 months, I have had the chance to build a business from the ground up using Lean and Agile. But the process isn’t always as clear as the books will tell you. 

Choosing a process is simple in comparison to making a process work for you. When dealing with peoples health, the problem becomes twice as hard. Legislation is inherently not agile.

This session will cover the the mistakes we’ve made at Nudjed (my Health Tech start-up). From initial research, hacking prototypes, developing a business case for investors, recruiting, structuring teams and ultimately trying to deliver on our business plan… whilst creating a product we can be proud of along the way.