Alisan  Atvur 

Senior R&D User Researcher, Innovation Facilitation at Novo Nordisk

Alisan is senior user researcher and innovation facilitator at Novo Nordisk. Before moving to Copenhagen, Alisan lived in San Francisco, where he lead service and product design teams.

Previously, he was a senior interaction designer at Frog, the award-winning innovation consultancy.

Alisan has given lectures at MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, Copenhagen Business school, Savannah College of Art and Design and many more. He trained in counseling psychology at New York University and holds a triple-focus BA in Communications, Creative Writing and Education.

His book, Managing the Innovators: Exercises for Empowering Employees, is scheduled to be released in May 2016 by Pearson.

A behavioural psychology approach to service design

Presented at Camp Digital 2016.

What can 140 years of psychotherapy teach us as designers and leaders? In this practical talk about methods of managing complex stakeholder needs, Alisan share how therapists use mental (and visual) exercises to help people overcome obstacles and create solutions for themselves.