Francis  Rowland 

Senior UX Architect at Sigma 

Francis leads the team in Sigma's Cambridge office and is involved in a whole range of activities in typical design projects, from research, to ideation, to prototyping and testing, and uses sketching to develop and communicate ideas, as well as to involve others in the design process.

He speaks in the UK and abroad on a range of topics related to design, including sketching, data visualisation, lean processes, participatory design, and collaboration. 

Sketching: Thinking, Communication, and Design

This talk will cram in lots of great tips and advice, to help you gain more confidence in using sketching as part of your work.

Does anxiety about your drawing ability stop you sketching? Do you wish you could confidently walk up to a whiteboard, or a piece of paper, and sketch your ideas out in front of your colleagues? Do you wish the characters in your storyboards were a bit more lively than just skinny stick men? Or that you could effectively sketch UI design ideas, and communicate with the team? Would you like to find a way to actively involve colleagues and clients in design work?

Sketching is a tried and tested way to help you understand, think about, and communicate design ideas, and you already have the skills you need to put it into practice.

This talk will supply you with the confidence and inspiration to help communicate your ideas more visually and engagingly.