Jeff  Coghlan 

Founder of Matmi, Board Member of Creative England

As a digital strategist, my opinions (not always mainstream!) have been sought by clients, events, conferences and major advertising agencies worldwide including TBWA, Publicis Modem, Sapient Nitro, McCann, WDMP, RKCR /Y&R.

In partnership with leading agencies, I’ve produced digital campaigns helping them land major new clients worth millions in revenue. I’m an internationally known keynote speaker and talk at a variety of events across the world. I’ve talked at many leading events including Casual Connect, Develop, TIGA, TEDx, SASCON, GSUMMIT, AR Conference, ICE gaming, IAB, Digital Picnic, Launch Conference, Festival of Games and even at Parliament (yes they let me in).

My work with Matmi, and industry reputation, led to my appointment on the board of Creative England. As an industry veteran my knowledge is sought by many leading technology firms including Microsoft, Sony Playstation, DELL, SEGA and most recently iTagged (watch this space).

I’ve co-produced games with many celebrities; including collaborating with Warwick Davis on the critically acclaimed app Pocket Warwick.

Our work has been mentioned in many leading news outlets and in a host of industry publications. I’ve written many articles for the industry press and our work has been featured on television, film and even at an Iron Maiden concert!

I look forward to the next evolution of digital where it seamlessly merges with the physical world; where we interact with emotion and motion that will help humanise the technology that we use.

The Power of Play

Presented at Camp Digital 2016.

Human nature has always driven us to learn through play and experimentation. The intrinsic reinforcement and reward within games release dopamine and help to change the wiring of the brain to make us more creative, fast at reacting and masters of multi-tasking. So why do games get such a bad press? 

Jeff will show how games are helping us to engage with life, science and learning in unique ways and imagines a time when everyone looks forward to the fun of work. He’ll look at how we can encourage kids to learn in fun new ways, solve back office problems or encourage us all to brush our teeth more regularly.

But he’ll also look at how play is being used to find cures for cancer and HIV, to tackle complex scientific problems like the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, change social behaviour or save people from house fires. Games can change the world and Jeff will explain how.