Julie  Dodd 

Digital Strategist, ex Creative Director at BBC, and author of The New Reality

Julie is an independent digital transformation consultant and author of The New Reality – a major report about how non-profit organisations can use technology to deliver greater social impact.

Prior to consulting, Julie was Creative Director at one of the UK’s top independent agencies and a former Creative Director at the BBC.

Fighting the Good Fight: What Digital Superheroes Look Like

Presented at Camp Digital 2016.

AI robots are taking over the world, our personal data is being mined by governments with sinister motives and VR gaming is destroying childhood. Any number of disaster scenarios have been touted about how technology will feature in our futures, but amongst the hype and hyperbole lies a more interesting story: technology might just help us do some good in the world.

This rising movement around ‘tech for good’ is spurring a new generation of digital professionals, wanting to work in organisations that put purpose before – or at least alongside – profit.

This session will share some of the most surprising and moving examples of how technology is already improving lives and will offer further insights from Julie’s recent digital transformation report, The New Reality, around how companies can change their culture, process and service delivery to be part of a positive future.

Join us as we discuss how technology can be a force for good, and ask what digital professionals can do to deliver more tech for good.