Karina  Ibarra 

CEO & Founder of ABC Kit

Karina is the CEO and founder of @ABCKit, a startup developing apps for kids, and myABCKit, a play-based learning tool for kids with engaging literacy exercises that enable kids to learn what they like most in an easy way.

Karina has been working in digital design for almost 18 years, specializing in concept development, interaction design, information architecture, usability and user research. Over the years, Karina has designed products and services for desktop and mobile, for startups developing products for kids, big institutions and mostly, educational companies. In her spare time, she woks as Design/UX expert at Google Developers and as Sprint Master at Google Venture.

Karina is especially interested in changing the way children learn at school, and is currently developing a new educational product that encourages kids 'how' to think...not 'what' to think.

Talk: Design Principles for Kids

Presented at Camp Digital 2016.

We know how to design for grown-ups, but how easy is it to design for kids?

In this talk, we will see how some of well-known, universal principles of design can be applied when we design apps, games and interfaces for kids. We will walk through concepts and practices that designers and researchers already know about their users, but with a different approach applied for children.