Molly  Watt 

Inclusive technology evangelist and co-founder of the Molly Watt Trust

The Molly Watt Trust is focused on raising awareness of Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leads to deafness and blindness. As well as working to inform people about the condition, the charity supports a range of programmes, from advising on technology and equipment choices, encouraging fundraising, conference speaking and managing projects, for example funding the provision of eReaders or protective eyewear for people with Ushers.

Hear no, See no, Techno

Presented at Camp Digital 2016.

Usher Syndrome is a progressive condition and to date there is no cure. It not only affects hearing and sight but also causes considerable difficulty with mobility and communication.

Molly will talk about her own progression with the condition and will share her views and experiences on how technology can be better designed and configured to enhance life for those with Usher Syndrome.

A prolific blogger and advocate of inclusive design, Molly will also give a personal review of the technology she uses daily, including the Apple Watch, where the ‘taptics' functionality proved to be truly invaluable for the deafblind and her use of the ReSound Linx2 hearing aids.