Patrik  Malmquist 

Patrik Malmquist is the head of development for He has previously been a consultant with Sigma for over 10 years in both UK and Sweden.

Anders Lundström is the CEO of the Swedish national pension portal He has previously work in insurance and IT for over 30 years.

Redefining the Swedish national pension portal with a user-centric approach

Presented at Camp Digital 2016 in collaboration with Anders Lundstrom, CEO of Min Pension. aggregates 99.5% of all pension capital in Sweden in order to give users a complete picture of their pension rights. This was a huge success when it launched in 2004 and have now got over 2.5M users registered out of Sweden’s 9M population.

But over the years expectations of a digital service have been raised and realized that with just one interface to serve all market segments we have delivered a little for everyone but not really an ideal solution for any segment of users.

When celebrated 10 years, we set out to redefine our product; how can we become relevant for younger users, older users, non-financially literate users and also become better and more precise for existing users. It’s a bold statement that promises a lot – bigger, better, more precise, faster, more channels, more empowering and so on.

This demands a very user-centric approach, based on comprehensive user research to create new personas, a new customer journey model, a new service model and a redefinition of what is. We are still developing the new system and aiming to go public beta in a few months but we will tell you about our journey so far, and specifically:

  • What had to happen with the Government and pension providers in Sweden to provide an environment where was even possible
  • How our process works, what we do to really understand our users and deliver a truly useful and simple solution
  • How we’ve gone from research to beta version and our view on delivering a MLP (Minimal Likable Product)
  • How UX research is working at a strategic level for our business  
  • Our core ideas build upon layering of detail and personalisation of information. We will talk about our vision for making our product “so easy that you want to know more”
  • How our channel strategy works. Because it’s not just it’s phone service, apps, integrations to insurance companies and our interface is also surfaced at the Swedish Pensions Agency
  • And of course we will show what we have done! Our shiny product!