Alastair  Somerville 

Sensory Design Consultant

Alastair Somerville provides specialist advice on cognition, which means making user-centered design for public organisations and companies who provide both physical and digital products.

He facilitates workshops on sensory and emotional design for corporations, including Google, and conferences, including South by Southwest (SxSW), Interaction17 and O'Reilly Design.

In addition to his talk on Gaps, Spaces and Awesomeness, Alastair will be partnering with Elizabeth Buie to deliver the workshop, Opening the Door: An Exploration of Design for Transcendent User Experience. 

Gaps, Spaces & Awesomeness

As Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearables extend the spaces in which designers can enhance user experiences, we need to expand our ways of talking about these vast experiences and the wider future possibilities for UX.

Alastair Somerville will speak about how we can talk and share our own experience of the awesome and how we can frame ideas of the transcendent in future design.

How we can use both new research and ancient knowledge to describe emotional personal experiences that create deep meanings, memories and connections that can last a lifetime.