Coop  Digital 

Coop Digital create new digital products, services and platforms for all Co-operative businesses. They help their customers make the most of digital and, at the same time, pioneer new ways that they can all collaborate online.

Coop Digital are committed to bringing on the best and brightest new talent and so with their lunchtime session, they will be offering students a chance to learn about Agile ways of working and how this can be applied in the real world.   

Agile: How to get stuff done without wasting money

We’ve all heard of workplaces where a handful of ‘bosses’ dither for ages over making decisions based on guesswork without any input from their team. That kind of old-fashioned behaviour can lead to an unhappy working environment and wasting money.

At Co-op Digital, we work in an ‘agile’ way. Being agile puts the emphasis on delivering things quickly rather than delivering stuff that’s ‘perfect’. It’s about learning as we go and making quick changes when we find something’s not quite right for our users.

Working in this way helps us make sure we’re designing and building something that’s actually useful, not something we’re guessing will work ok. Agile is about being open; sharing small ideas with your team and stakeholders often, as well as empowering everyone to get on with their jobs without waiting for approval.