Emer  Coleman 

Emer Coleman is ex Government Digital Service and former Digital Projects Director with City Hall London where she established The London Data Store. She is an experienced digital leader with a background in the public and private sector. She is an expert in the field of open data and is Chair of the Open Data Governance Board Ireland advising the Irish Government on their open data initiative. Emer lives in Manchester working as Technology Engagement Lead for Co-op Digital where she is helping to build The Federation an open community of digital businesses & innovators, built on co-operative values, in the heart of the city. She is a Non Executive Director of TransportAPI (the digital platform for Transport).

The End of the Technology Affair (It's not me it's you)

We’ve had a long love affair with technology. We adore our gadgets and gizmos. We merrily give away our data for products and services for free but perhaps its time to call time? In her talk, Emer will explore some of the darker sides of technology and their damaging impact on society asking some fundamental questions about technology and ethics. Is technology to be allowed an indulged place in our world where the usual rules and norms simply don’t apply? Or can we shape our future in a more ethical and inclusive way.