Kate  Greenstock 

Experience Director at Prospect

Kate is Experience Director at Prospect Design. She blends the power of service design thinking with over 10 years of award winning digital design experience.

She leads a multidisciplinary design team at Prospect, and is obsessive about the power of team dynamics to sky-rocket productivity and all round good times.

Building Happy Design Teams - Exploring team dynamics and the importance of design leadership

Have you ever cancelled an appraisal for a clash with client work? Or made tweaks to a colleague's designs, in the privacy of your own monitor?

What about when a member of your team smashed a presentation? Do you tell them how great they were, and why? Or when they had a cracking idea, did you shout their achievement from the rooftop?

When they were struggling, did you support them and take the strain, coaxing them through their journey of development?

When it comes to design leadership, I've spent hours seeking to please those who will never be satisfied, but equally, been walking on air when they've given praise to my efforts.

When it comes to design teams, I've worked in team dynamics that feel like they were blessed with angel dust, and others that have felt stilted and unproductive.

Forget talent or craft for a moment, and consider how effective design is really conceived. Is it the work of one creative genius? Or more often through harmonious teams collaborating their way to excellence?

I'm passionate about building design teams that work together as one powerful force of talent. Today I'd like to share with you how I believe this can be achieved.