Matt  Jukes 

Product Manager at mySociety

The majority of Matt's 15-year career has been spent managing digital teams for government and research institutions. Throughout those 15 years, he has operated at the forefront of internet-enabled change for his employers. 

Since 2001, he has successfully introduced content management systems, corporate social media beyond broadcast, commitment to open source technologies - and in recent years, an agile, DevOps approach to product development. In the majority of cases, this was achieved, despite organisational inertia and risk aversion.

Digital Transformation is a Team Sport

Digital transformation does not happen overnight; it's a team sport taking time and investment from everyone. In this session, Matt will talk about the ups and downs of working in a user-focused, multi-disciplinary, agile product team. Drawing from his experience in three very different, public service focused organisations, Matt will give key tips and takeaways as to how you and your business can create a culture that makes people want to stay.