Simon  Wilson 

Lead interaction and service designer

A strong advocate of human centred products and services and collaboration, Si has worked in the digital and design industry for nearly 20 years, mostly in senior positions.

Previously at Brahm for nine years at the start of the century and more recently working on HMRC's digital services, Si is currently working to make the UK's public healthcare services simpler, clearer, and better.

He uses some of his spare time for sessions at colleges and universities, helping to run the Bradford Coder Dojo, and volunteers to help with the gov and service jams in Leeds.

...So you're doing service design?

Service design. It’s a buzz-phrase in design circles at the moment, particularly with the recent rise of “digital transformation”.

With a focus on improving the quality of services, service design seems a no-brainer for a lot of organisations and businesses, looking at the holistic picture to create better services – by recognising the useful and the usable, and improving gradually, continually.

But, as with any trend, there’s also the mis-sell of service design, with designing in a specific channel, not taking a holistic view, being seen as acceptable.

Si will talk about the work he has been involved with and exposed to over the years – and even if you are stuck in a channel how “looking sideways” should be a mandatory part of your work’s mission to ensure you can still contribute to the design of your organisation’s services.