Sophie  Dennis 

Service Design & Digital Product Strategist

Sophie is a freelance consultant and coach specialising in digital product strategy and service design. She leads, coaches and mentors UX and agile teams, and helps organisations deliver better services to customers by putting user needs at the heart of their digital strategy.

She's led ambitious strategic content, design and development projects, defined digital strategies for major public and third-sector organisations, and built high-performing teams able to deliver high-quality user-centred digital services at pace.

Currently working with NHS Digital, she has over 15 years' experience working with, among others, Public Health England, Department for Work and Pensions, the National Trust, Land Registry, Bristol City Council, the University of Surrey, Jisc and the Office for National Statistics, and world-leading experience design agencies CX Partners and Nomensa.


The Art of Things Not Done: prioritising for user value with the Kano model

How often has your vision for transforming a user experience failed to survive contact with the twin enemies of time and budget? The truth is there will always be more you could deliver than you have the people, time or money for. We need to stop complaining about it, and start collaborating with our colleagues and stakeholders to work out how we can deliver the best experience with the resources we have.

Because it is possible to create great customer experiences, even in the face of extreme time and budget constraints, if we learn the art of doing less.

The art of doing less lies in identifying what you can and can't cut without sacrificing the overall user experience. This talk will show you how to identify the features that are really of most value to users, and build a product roadmap that goes beyond "minimum viable product” to deliver a “minimum viable experience”.

You’ll learn how to combine several simple but powerful concepts - the Kano model, customer journey mapping, and user story maps - to identify where to invest your efforts for maximum customer impact, and deliver the best possible user experience within your time and budget.