Ella  Fitzsimmons 

Ella is a strategist and writer who helps digital teams work out what they do, through how they talk about it. Most recently, she was at the Government Digital Service and Co-op Digital.

A former journalist, she has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Asia. She has a PhD about fashion, religion and online authority, and is mainly excited about what happens when tech and humanities meet.

Who tells the story? Polyphony, tech and power

Tech companies’ internal cultures affect how and what they build, and concentrating how they talk about themselves to 'thought leaders' leaves them sensitive if the thought leader goes rogue: look at Uber, Travis Kalanick and that embarrassing candid video.

Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley and UK tech have also historically struggled with representation and diversity. So what can you do about those issues if you already work in an organisation? Can shifting how you talk about your organisation help shift the other? And where do you even start?