Joe  MacLeod 

Joe Macleod has decades of product development experience across digital, physical and service sectors. Previously Head of Design at the award-winning studio Ustwo. Now he works on the Closure Experiences project researching endings. Where he talks, consults and writes about this important issue. Most recently publishing the Ends book, that captures the historical, societal context that has led to the problems we have with consumer endings and lays down a common philosophy for improving the ills of consumption.

Ending it. Emotionally, responsibly, with your business intact.

Endings are overlooked, while we pursue new beginnings and our responsibility, as consumers, has been eroded as a direct consequence of this. In recent centuries, this has accelerated with faster production of products. In recent decades, it has found a new platform in digital.

We have established a bias between the immediacy of on-boarding, and the distant, fading of off-boarding in the consumer experience. This needs to change if we are to challenge the ills of consumption.

In the presentation, Joe talks about the slow erosion of consumer endings, how this has increased in recent history and why it is so damaging to the consumer experience. He will provide current industry examples, with areas for improvement and techniques to use in your own product development.