Katy  Arnold 

As Head of User Research at the Home Office, Katy is building a community of practitioners and raising standards of user research across the department. Katy enjoys advocating for the value of user-centred design and is passionate about building public services that work for everyone.

Katy is a regular speaker at conferences and events including EuroIA in Stockholm, Italian IA Summit in Rome, Service Design in Gov, UX Cambridge, UX Sheffield, UX Bournemouth, Product Camp London, #GovDesign

Good, inclusive design is changing how we deliver public services

Research has shown that people with disabilities continuously adapt to cope with a world that is not designed for them. They are often made to feel like they are the ones who need to change. So they accommodate, compromise and do their best to fit in. As we redesign government services we have an opportunity to make a real difference by designing for all our users.

In government, we are legally obliged to build accessible services, but in reality it doesn’t always happen like that. This talk will cover how we have placed accessibility high on the digital agenda at the Home Office, and used it to help to bring about real change at the heart of service delivery within government.

I will share how we have changed our approach to user research and design - with real examples of what worked well, and what didn’t - as we strive to build services which all humans can use.

I will also show how including all users in our work - those with diverse skills, experiences and needs - to create good, inclusive products and services has actually made us better researchers and designers.