Curt  Holst 

Traditionally accessibility is considered a component of usability focusing on people with disabilities, but is often not seen as a powerful opportunity to innovate.

Building upon the work of The Paciello Group and Microsoft, Curt talks about how Barclays utilises Inclusive Design principles to support its aim of becoming the most inclusive bank in the FTSE100.

How Accessibility can improve UX for everyone

Done well, accessibility brings a multitude of benefits – from improved customer experience and reach, to more engaged and productive colleagues, whilst bolstering brand and mitigating risks. However, many businesses still do not pay attention to this topic, despite accessibility becoming increasingly relevant in a growing digital landscape. 

Curt Holst, Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant at Barclays will provide some insights and learnings on:

  • The journey Barclays has been on to re-imagine what accessibility is and why it matters
  • How Barclays are re-framing accessibility as a commercial opportunity
  • The crossover between accessibility and UX
  • How innovation related to assistive technology often crosses over into the mainstream.
  • Inclusive Design Principles and how these can be applied to product and service design.
  • How good UX has enormous benefits for people with disabilities