Matt  Edgar 

As head of design for NHS Digital, Matt’s focus is on digital services for NHS patients, carers and the public, while developing designers and the design profession across the whole organisation.

Matt previously spent 5 years as a service designer, digital coach, and founder of service design and innovation consultancy Stick People. He developed the GDS Service Manager Programme, and coached in the DWP Digital Academy. His service design clients included the Co-op, NHS organisations, and local government.

In 2016, Matt was part of the global organising team for the annual design thinking and rapid prototyping event, the Global GovJam.

The experience of care

The National Health Service is 70 years old. Its promise of universal healthcare, free at the point of need, is as relevant today as in 1948. But much is changing about medicine, our lifestyles, and our rising expectations of care.

Matt will tell the story of the service transformations taking place across the NHS. He’ll show how the principles of user need, privacy and security, openness, and inclusion must hold true whatever the future may bring. And he’ll share his team’s emerging approach to experience strategy and design leadership for the world’s largest employer of skilled professionals.