Rachel  Xavier 

Rachel is a Service Designer at Cancer Research UK who has a keen interest in organisational culture and behavioural change.
Through her work, Rachel has successfully championed a new way of delivering digital services for Stand Up To Cancer, driving a behavioural change towards user-centricity in a Lean and Agile way.

As a founding member of the Service Design team, Rachel has recruited and coached her team members to embrace new ways of working, and to build the resilience needed with any transformation programme.

Now turning her attention to the wider impact of user-centered thinking and service design, Rachel is leading on an organisation-wide cultural transformation programme, aimed at building a working environment that is flexible, collaborative and adaptive.

The Changing Workplace – Future of Work, CRUK

The workplace is changing. Thanks to advances in technology the world has become a more networked and collaborative environment. At Cancer Research UK we’ve recognised the importance of building a working environment that supports this world-wide shift.

This means making changes across the hardware and software we use. But also, changes to our ways of working. Our culture and behaviour. Our "How we do things around here” mindset. The Future of Work programme at Cancer Research UK aims to build an environment that is flexible, collaborative and adaptive.

We believe by experimenting across these 3 areas, we'll propel our organisation towards building a working environment for the 21st Century.