Sarah  Drummond 

Sarah is a designer, CEO and serial idea generator.  She co-founded Snook, MyPolice, CycleHack, Dearest Scotland, Alloa Pride and The Matter. She was awarded a Google Fellowship for her work in technology and democratic innovation and named in Good magazine’s 100 extraordinary individuals tackling global issues in creative ways. In 2018 Sarah was named by Nesta and the UK’s mainstream publication the Observer as a New Radical, individuals who are tackling society’s biggest challenges.

Daily, Sarah is the CEO of Snook, an award-winning global design consultancy based in London and Glasgow. Snook are on a mission to design a world that works better for people. In her time as CEO, Sarah has built an impressive client roster who have worked with her to redesign and innovate their services. Snook hold global firms like Tesco and Sodexo on their books to public sector organisations like the Scottish Government, the Cabinet Office and Government Digital Service.

She speaks on global stages around the world from Japan to Oman, and America to Australia. She has taught at leading educational institutions from RMIT to the Glasgow School of art, coaching the next generation of designers and makers. She writes about design, technology and services and her work has been featured in global media outlets and books in the design industry.

Designing for Service Failure

When services work, we rarely notice the design. Good service design should lead to a frictionless joined up user experience, no matter what ‘front door’ you come at it from, that helps someone do the thing they need to do.

When services fail, we see first hand the material that makes them. The cracks in a poor user experience become tangible for the user and often, we have to expertly navigate this ourselves.

Sarah will open up service failure, the affordances and impacts this has on the user experience and explore the ways in which services fail.

She’ll discuss a range of methods designers can use to mitigate this, and include designing for service failure in their design process.