Sean  Gilroy 

Sean Gilroy co-created the BBC’s Neurodiversity initiative, CAPE (Creating a Positive Environment) in 2014 to improve awareness of hidden conditions such as Autism Spectrum Condition, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD.

They have since produced interactive films, VR experiences, workshops, and accessible environment guidelines aimed toward improving employment opportunities for neurodivergent people at the BBC and beyond, sharing this work and content to contribute to the growing Neurodiversity conversation.

Sean’s current role as User Experience Principal, brings this experience to researching and developing ideas on Cognitive Design, a proposal for a new design framework with Neurodiversity at its heart.

Cognitive Design – The future is not what you think, but how you think.

The ability for organisations to compete on the basis of innovation has become more crucial, but if we are all applying the same design thinking, to the same data gathered, from the same design research, where will the innovation actually come from? Appreciating and designing for our Neurodiversity will enable new perspectives and different ways of thinking, that spur more creative solutions and innovations.

Welcome to Cognitive Design.